How To Play

eBaytor is a two player fighting game based off eBay items! You are limited to a category of items to choose from. Search through within items and pick one that you think is more expensive than your opponent's to with the round! The winner is the first one to make the other lose all their health points! How to play:
  1. Click on the "Weapons" tab
  2. Both players type in what items they want to search in their boxes
  3. Click search to see what items are available
  4. Both players pick the items they think are highest priced by clicking on the image
  5. When you are ready to see the results, click FIGHT!
  6. After the round click the button at the top or the "Weapons" tab to pick a new weapon for next round
  7. Repeat until there is a winner!


Player 1: Player 2:

hint: select the item you think is the highest priced, then click fight!


Player 1
Player 2